Monday, December 19, 2011

Chalkboard Paint

You know recently I have been getting into Chalkboard paint.  Of course, I realize that I may be slightly behind the bandwagon on this but I don't care.  The most recent project that we did, I had stolen from the handmade home.  If you have never checked her out, you should.  I originally saw her on Nate Berkus, that's how good she is.

So, we had this totally blah area in front of our kitchen and I remember seeing what she did in her kitchen.

I taped out the area that I wanted to use as the chalkboard with Frog Tape.  (FYI this stuff is the best!)  As you can tell, we have a lovely receptacle right in the middle of our chalkboard.  We changed this to black and I spray painted the cover plate with chalkboard.  For the wall, I brushed on the chalkboard paint.

I tend to be overly excited about completing the project at hand that I typically forget some very important steps.  i.e. protect your boyfriends floor.  Of course, I didn't do this and I had splattered paint all of over the floor.  Luckily he was busy doing something else and never even noticed.

We added trim around the chalkboard to make a frame.  I didn't bother to take off the tape, just put the frame right over it.  I painted the trim prior to installing.  The boyfriend even used his new favorite tool, the Dremel, and carved an area on top for the chalk to rest.

I think it looks nice especially with our new / old stools, which is a whole other story.  Oh and please just ignore the countertops, I do.


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  1. It is time again to enter into the realm of "The Renovator's Blogosphere" (aka, Reno's blog), where at any moment the brave Reno's planning and efforts is at risk to succumb to the netherworld of Bachelordom.

    I missed the chalkboard project in my last trip to this realm. I tell you Reno, that is so cool! I really like it, especially how you show photos of the progress, and how it looks at the end with the stools (aka, "another story"). I think what you did is really cool looking and I love it. My hat's off to Reno on this one!