Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve!

I love New Years and this year is no different.  For the last few years the bachelor and I have been going to Key West with a couple of our good friends BUT if I wasn't going to Key West, I would love to host a party at our house.  If you cannot tell already, I am all for decorating the home for any holiday.  Maybe hang a cool banner like this one.

Or jazz up the table a bit.  This would be cute, you could use some of your Christmas decoations.

Or what about this table, love the clocks so you always have a count down to midnight.

What about doing some party favors.  I know you haven't had these since elementary school, but I think they can be for adults too!

So all of these pictures came from people at Pinterest and obviously, they are way more creative than me.    

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