Friday, November 11, 2011

Recessed Lighting from the 90's

In our home, we have Recessed Lighting in random areas throughout.  This lighting was new when our home was built in the 90's.  You know the ones that have a huge diameter with a plastic black interior.  They drive me crazy.

The black interiors really stand out on our white ceilings.  Every time we went to the Hardware Store I couldn't remember how big the plastic can / housing part was so I could replace in white.  So I said forget with that and I just sprayed paint the interior plastic part.

Before Spray Paint
During Spray Paint - Getting better
After - So much better!
I typically always use Rustoleum spray paint, no particular reason why, that's just what I always use.  By the way if you don't use one of those $3 hand sprayers, you have got to get one.  They are awesome.  They really help with an even spray and they don't make your finger cramp.

Happy Friday!


  1. I used to have these in our basement before we re-did it. Ugly things, but I bet they were pretty cool back in the day! :)

  2. Thanks Style-ING w/ Children. You are my very first comment.