Monday, October 31, 2011


I have to be honest, Halloween is not my favorite holiday.  For some reason I just never really got into it. I do however love love love Pumpkins.  In fact, I still have my pumpkin from last year.  Not exactly sure why... but it never went bad.

Typically, I don't do much decorating on the outside of our house for Halloween but this year I thought we would try something different.  Nothing extravagant just something small to jazz it up a little.  My BF suggested that we buy some hay bales.  Normally this would be a great idea.  Except lately our SUV has been parked permanently in our driveway for the past month.  We still own other cars but they are not the hay carrying types.  Needless to say we took his mustang down to Pigboy Willie's Pumpkin Patch and purchased 3 small hay bales and 4 pumpkins.  One pumpkin for each of us.  After a little arranging, our front stoop looks more in the spirit.

I don't think it looks all that bad.  Also, not sure if you can see it in these pictures but I put an orange light bulb aka party bulb in our light.  I think it makes it a little spooky.  What do you think?

One last thing.  Although I do not enjoy Halloween, my puppies do!
Happy Halloween!

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