Monday, December 5, 2011

Little Bows

So.... I only thought we were done with the Christmas decorations.  The more and more that I looked at our Christmas Garland on our railings, the more I thought they were missing something.  The railings just seemed so bare along the top.  I mean, I had these great ornaments along the side but that was it.

Last year we had these clip on birds from the Home Depot but I had decided to not use them this year.  The more and more that I looked at those, the more cheap they started to look.  (Now the bachelor doesn't want me looking at anything for more than 5 seconds now.)  Needless to say, I decided that the birds wouldn't be nesting on our Christmas garland this year but that they would stay residents in the attic.  

Since I thought the bow that I had made for the burlap wreath was fabulous (check that out here), I decided we would make some bows.  I can only say fabulous because I have never ever made a bow in my entire life.  I had to Google, "How to make a bow."  Now, after about 50 attempts to make the bow on the wreath, I felt I had a pretty good one.  So we were making bows for the garland.

As a side note, we use to have bows on our Christmas tree when I was a kid and they were terrible.  I still remember putting those things on.  I also remember the exact moment we decided to bag those bows and never put them on again.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I like these bows.

So the bachelor picked out the ribbon.  Let me just say.... I am so proud!  How cute is this ribbon.  I just love it.

So after several attempts at making each bow, we had about 10 bows in this ribbon.  I used some of the ribbon that I had for the wreath for the garland upstairs.

Sorry the lighting stinks.  I haven't quite figured out how to take good pictures of the Christmas lights when you are inside.

This is upstairs.

I had used twine to complete the bow and tie them on to the garland.  Next time, I think I would use green pipe cleaners.  So let me know what you think.  


  1. Ribbon looks great. I would have just taped it straight up and down the railing, but I'm not what you would call a master decorator. I believe the boughs look a lot better.

    They really do make the railings look sharp.


  2. Thanks Bobby! It actually took us at least 5 times before they looked right. One more time and we would have taped it straight up and down! I did say "us", Donald is my helper, he ties the strings.